Are you thinking about furthering
your education or training?

Are you an employer looking to
re-organize your workforce?

Do you have an understanding
of your vocational abilities?


We provide standardized testing to identify educational strengths, career choices and employment goals. Our evaluation program can isolate challenges and obstacles associated with various career stages.


Our individualized services offers candidates jobs that fit their abilities and goals. We offer counseling and guidance, customized job searches, career exploration, interview training, resume preparation and much more.


We offer follow up visits with the employee and employer to ensure success and productivity. We give recommendations for simple job accommodations to locate and remove barriers to employment.


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People with disabilities are the nation’s largest minority, and the only one that any person can join at any time. If you do not currently have a disability, you have about a 20% chance of becoming disabled at some point during your work life. People with disabilities cross all racial, gender, educational, socioeconomic, and organizational lines.

The United States Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate of persons with a disability was twice the rate for persons with no disability.

Help us change that number – one job at a time!