What should I expect during a vocational evaluation?

You will be greeted by one of our professional vocational evaluators and escorted into a quiet, private testing room. Your comfort and privacy are valued, and therefore we do not conduct large group testing seminars. Instead, you will be given personal, individualized attention with a primary focus on your vocational aspirations and goals. Your vocational evaluator will ask a few information gathering questions to better understand you and your strengths. After this short intake, you will then be explained what tests will be administered and the purpose for each. At Two-6 Resources, we personalize each test battery based on your strengths and goals, as well as any questions or specific interests your vocational rehabilitation counselor may have. Your counselor may request additional testing or specialized situational assessments, which may result in a longer appointment time. As such, we recommend you expect an appointment time of approximately three to four hours. Breaks are offered at your leisure. After your vocational evaluation is completed, you will be contacted by your counselor to discuss the results and future services.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Be sure to get a full nights sleep and eat a good breakfast. Please bring any reading glasses you may need, a resume if you have one, any supporting documents of your disability and/or current medications list. Your vocational evaluator will be discussing your educational and employment history; any supporting documents you supply will be a great asset to the evaluation. As your appointment may take up to four hours, please bring a packed lunch or snack. You will be granted breaks at your leisure.

Why do I have a two-day evaluation?

A two-day evaluation can either be requested by you, if you are hesitant to complete the evaluation in a one-day sitting or you may be asked to return a second day if your counselor requests a Community Based Situational Assessment (CBSA). This specialized assessment is comprised of two-days; the first day consists of the standard vocational evaluation conducted in the testing room. During the second day, you will be asked to complete a short, half-day work shift in a real world working environment, accompanied by your vocational evaluator. Your vocational evaluator will observe you interacting and carrying out the essential functions of a job in competitive, community employment.

What kind of tests am I going to take?

As mentioned, Two-6 Resources does not condone a standardized testing battery for every client. We appreciate and treat every client as an individual, and will personalize a testing battery suited for each unique person. The testing battery will be congruent with what your counselor requests. This may comprise of an intellectual functioning assessment, academic achievement test, interest inventories, personality assessments, aptitude tests and situational assessments. The majority of these tests are conducted in a controlled testing environment, either computerized or with conventional pen and paper. A situational assessment is targeted at placing you in a simulated working environment to assess what strengths and areas of improvement you may possess in that given environment.