Two 6 Resources offers the most cutting edge, highly standardized and innovatory assessments available to test your cognitive ability, aptitude, skills, personality, work values, behaviors and interests. Our wide array of assessments will highlight your strengths from which we will build appropriate education and / or career plans.

Some of our specialized assessments include:

General and Emotional IQ | Interest Inventories | Academic Aptitudes | Learning Styles

Assessment Services

We provide standardized testing to identify educational strengths, career choices and employment goals. Our evaluation program can isolate challenges and obstacles associated with various career stages.

  • Career and educational testing to determine options for appropriate training and/or job placement
  • Professional consultations and recommendations for career integration, advancement and employment
  • An outline for overcoming barriers to employment in order to promote successful occupational outcomes

Employment Services

We match candidates with jobs that fit their abilities and goals. Our services are individualized for each job candidate.

  • Counseling and Guidance
  • Work History Assessment
  • Customized Job Search
  • Career Exploration
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Resume Preparation
  • Advocacy

Post-Employment Services

  • Follow up visits with the employee and employer to insure success and productivity
  • Recommendations for simple job accommodations to locate and remove barriers to employment
  • Job coaching services
  • Workplace integration training
  • Disability awareness training for employers and staff members