Overview | For the Client

On-the-job training is a program designed to give clients short term work experience to learn and build employability skills. Clients work one-on-one with an employment specialist to find a job experience that fits the individuals interests and job goals. The client is trained by the employment specialist, including check-ins, to ensure the client is learning the skills necessary to progress into competitive employment. On-the-job training is usually followed by a referral to employment services where an employment specialist will help the client find long-term, competitive employment.

Benefits | For the Client

  • Train first-time job seekers and individuals who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time
  • Boosting clients’ employability by adding individualized training
  • Become more marketable in the job market, having gained important skills and experience

Overview | For the Employer

Businesses in the community are invited to participate in Two-6 Resources On-The-Job Training program by hosting clients at their places of business. Clients learn valuable skills, while employers receive the benefit of an employee with a job coach to support them with training.

On-the-job training is of no cost to employers and clients are covered by insurance. Employers may offer long-term employment upon completion of on-the-job training and will be eligible for tax breaks for doing so.

Benefits | For the Employer

  • Employers get a needed task fulfilled while helping integrate a person with disabilities into the workforce
  • Employers save the usual upfront costs associated with bringing someone new on board and getting them up to speed
  • Underemployed members of the community are provided the opportunity to find gainful employment