Our staff is comprised of culturally-sensitive and ethnically knowledgeable individuals with vast education and experience

in the vocational rehabilitation field. Our staff has experience working with the following populations:


Mental, Cognitive and Physical Disabilities | Traumatic Brain Injury | Cerebrovascular Accident Substance Abuse

Previously Incarcerated Individuals | Hearing Impaired | Visually Impaired

and more

Leadership and Supervisors

Patrick J. Scott, MS, CRC, CVE
Executive Director
Rebecca Williamson, MS, CRC, PVE
Assessment and Evaluations Supervisor
Roberta Satill
Employment Services Supervisor
Antonela Kukrika
Employment Services Lead

Assessment and Evaluations

Jamie Cothern, MS, LMHC
Kristi Berlt, MS, CRC, PVE
Abbie McClintock, MHSA
Rebeca Sella, MBA

Employment Services

Mental Health Counseling

Training and Development

Peer Mentoring