Metro Center Outlook:

The Right People
for the Right Job

A Comprehensive Approach
to Employment for Disabiliteis

I want to thank this organization (Two-6) for the extra help they gave me to get my first job in the USA. It wasn’t easy, but thank God they were with me. I really appreciate their contribution to my success.

After I was injured in 2010 from the earthquake in Haiti, I thought I lost everything – physically, socially, economically, even mentally. Thank God I got help from the American Government to come to the USA for long-term hospital care. After a three month stay in the hospital they sent me to a nursing home where I spent 18 months. During these 18 months, I thought my life was over. Eventually, I went to school while Two-6 Resources was working with me to get a job. My job coach is such an outstanding professional and I had the opportunity to learn so many things from her; skills like job interview questions, how to dress for a job interview, etc. I am happy to say I am now employed as a PBX Operator at the Rosen Plaza Hotel.

– Yvelot